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Saving with guarantee

We want to offer a safe and attractive alternative to people who feel uncomfortable investing their pension assets in pure investment fund solutions. bench 3a allows savers to participate in the long-term return opportunity of equities while still sleeping soundly - thanks to the guarantee at retirement. For this reason we have created a new 3a category: Saving with guarantee.

The team


Markus Roth

General Manager


Yasmin Sauter

Pension Specialist


Rainer Scharf

Member of the Foundation Board


Fabio Autino

Chairman of the Foundation Board

Our bank partner

Logo glarner kantonalbank

With the Glarner Cantonal Bank, we have a reliable bank partner with a state guarantee, who supports us and provides your guarantee.

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Open a bench 3a account in just a few minutes. All you need is your smartphone and your ID.